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Comfort/Hybrid Bikes:

•Full day rentals are 10am to 6pm.

•24 hour and or over night for full day rate can be arranged. Please contact the bike shop for more info.

Half Day Rental: 

•Half day rentals are a 4 hour period between 10am and 6pm. 

•Bikes must be dropped off by 6pm.

Calling Ahead: 

•Only full day rentals can be reserved. Call the store to set up reservations.

•Half day rentals are walk-in, day-of only.

Overnight/24 Hour Rental: 

•Proper overnight storage and transportation is required for overnight rentals.

•We do not offer bike rack rentals. Please provide a safe way to transport bikes.

•For all other questions please CALL Sunrift and ask for the Sunrift Bike Shop!

Find your perfect ride below!

All prices are listed with the bikes for day rates and half day rates if applicable to that model.

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