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Here at Sunrift, we strive to adventure with care. Outdoor recreation inevitably takes a toll on the environment. Even if you are not littering while you hike (please, never litter), you are likely driving in a car and emitting fossil fuels to commute to the hike. And if it isn't that, then it is ultimately something else. We understand that there are environmental sacrifices to be made in order to be able to recreate, but we try to minimize them and help educate our customers on how to minimize them. Additionally, we annually pledge money, merchandise, and volunteers to environmental organizations in order to help give back. 


Our biggest committment to sustainability is our careful research on and selection of brands in our store. We always try to select brands that source their materials in an environmentally sustainable manner and reciprocate back to the Earth what they may be taking from it. We look for gear that has been proven to be long-lasting and repair well when needed.

If you want to read more about the sustainable practices and policies of individual companies, read below and click their logo for their company's page.


Oboz works with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold. They are also recently B corp certified.

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