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Reasons to Celebrate Bike Month this May!

Bike month is here! Today starts the first day of Bike Month. This is a month to get out of your car and hop on your two wheeled friends and enjoy the great outdoors.

There is many reasons to celebrate bike month. Biking is an amazing activity that is wonderful for your health! It can give you a full body work out, while also allowing you to enjoy to riding and breezy air.

Another great reason getting on your bike is good is because it lowers your impact on nature. Driving a car is wonderful and can get you places fast, but it comes at the negative cost of being bad for the eniverment with carbon emmisons. Biking has virtually zero impact and can allow for a nice clean way of travel!

If you have time get out and hit a trail, ride a road, or cruise around at the beach. This bike month is one to celebrate.

If you do not own a bike, Sunrift Adventures has you covered! We offer Bike rentals in a wide range of style.

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